Khushal Tandon No Comeback in Bigg Boss 7 House

The most controversial child of Bigg Boss Season Saath saat, Kushal Tandon is not coming back in the show!

There are bit confusion between Gauhar Khan and Kushal Tandon, Gauhar who claim that Kushal will come the show also she request to put him back on wishing wall aswell.

And the other hand Kushal Tandon Tweeted:

Apart from this rumors was salman took the decision to throw kushal out from the show, but salman clarified on post eviction of Kushal that there has not his role in ousting Kushal.

Now thing is Kushal not want to come back but Gauhar is waiting for him in the house.

Kushal also shared one picture on Twitter, which shows the housemate meets out of house:


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