I Love You Too Kushal Tandon: Gauhar Khan

Gauhar-Kushal finally confess their love for each other, at this instant that their feelings are out in the open in the Bigg Boss 7 house, Show has evidently found an official couple in Gauhar and Kushal, after she reciprocated Kushal's feelings.

The captainship competition Andy has to play a host role, Gauhar on Friday's episode will be seen saying "I love you" to Kushal. by the way, Gauhar statement also revealed that Kushal had already proposed to her and the model was only responding to Kushal's previous confession of love.

It was for Gauhar that Kushal had taken a stand against Andy, which led to his upheaval. The couple even walked out hand in hand when Kushal was evicted.

With Kushal's exit, Gauhar was mostly seen sad and quiet and was even recorded crying to Heaven expressing her loneliness.

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She even bought gifts for Kushal for Diwali as she waited patiently for his return. However, she has appeared much happier and upbeat since Kushal's return to the show.

When Gauhar's sister Nigaar made a brief entry into the show, she too thanked Kushal for continuously supporting the model.


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