Diwali Celebrations wid Delnaz Irani, @Rajev_Paul in Bigg Boss House

Not actually but the most counted controversial players of Bigg Boss 7 Kushal Tandon, Gauhar Khan and Andy are not in Bigg Boss House. All contestants have to ask something like what’s happening in the house.

Ajaz Khan bonding with Kamya and Pratyusha, Inside the Caravan, Andy is very curious to know what Kamya, Pratyusha and Sangram have to say about him behind his back.

And The biggest shock for the day happened, Gauahar re-entered the house through the confession room. Seeing her, Kamya and Pratyusha were overjoyed and hugged her tightly.

Pratyusha and Kamya ran up to her screaming and hugged Gauhar Khan.

Bigg Boss announced a warm welcome to her, the housemates thanks bigg boss for Gauhar as Diwali gift but yet not finished Bigg Boss announced special Diwali Mela that had a beautiful ambience with colorful lights and much more making it a memorable Diwali experience!

Rajev was already shared on twitter that he is coming in the house:

A shop was set up in the Garden area with the ex-contestants Delnaz Irani, Rajev Paul and Vrajesh Hirjee as shopkeepers for the contestants to purchase sweets, clothes and jewelry.

All are happy and bought goodies and even tried bargaining on prices - in fact, even Heaven was seen diving into the happiness.

Diwali Shopping time & ex-contestants came as shopkeeper to make Diwali to be happiest

Rajev again shared his experience on Twitter:

Finally Bigg Boss made Happy Diwali for all the contestants!


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