Gauhar’s team gets ‘Babaji ka thullu’ on Luxury Budget Task on Day 73

On Day 72, ‘Kabhi Haa Kabhi Naa’ task was handed over to the housemates. Kushal was asked to drink poor Heaven‘s water from his bowl full of fresh saliva and hair But Kushal drank it. We also have one question for the producers: Why allow such things to happen? Isn’t this also animal cruelty? If humans are afraid of getting an infection from a dog, what about the dog? Will he get his bowl cleaned properly before he uses it again?

The original Miss Manipulator aka Motormouth, Miss Gauahar Khan is back in action. When Kushal Tandon was out of the house, she was calm down, and her only major entertainment was Ajaz Khan. Then came in Kushal, and Ajaz was shown the door by his beloved Khan Saab. His shayaris and bad jokes no more interest Gauahar. But, Ajaz planned out sweet revenge! And how!

Day 73 arrived with revenge. Planning and plotting was already done in the night. Again Gauahar and Armaan were leading the fish market. But, their opposition, comprising of Sangram, Andy, Sofia, Tanisha and Ajaz, handled the task with sheer dignity and grace. Their strategy was simple – just stay calm.

Angry Gauhar with her constant shouting even made Kushal, Kamya and Armaan quit the task in middle, which led to the victory of opposite team. Hats off to Andy and Tanisha primarily for their brilliance! If (What did you get out of this? Gauhar Khan!)


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