Gauhar Khan & Sangram Singh can’t talk to Khushal & Payal in Bigg Boss House

We confirmed thru channel sources that Sangram Singh's girlfriend Payal Rohatgi, ejected contestant Kushal Tandon and Armaan Kohli's live-in girlfriend Tanya Singh are expected to enter the Bigg Boss 7 House in Lonavala next week to spice up things.

The trio is being considered for a special ‘Freeze Task’ wherein close connections or family members of the contestants of the show are let loose in the house while the contestants have to remain in a statue position.

In the freeze tasks the contestants cannot talk to anybody.

Many of Bigg Boss 6 fans knowing about this task as last year's winner of Bigg Boss Season 6, television actor Urvashi Dholakia had to undergo a similar dilemma when her two sons entered the house while she was performing the Freeze Task.

Both Payal and Kushal are expected to enter the house for a few hours while Sangram and Gauhar are put to test in the freeze task.

It has also been learnt that the channel team is in negotiations with Armaan's girlfriend Tanya Singh for the same job.

The participants in the house may not show it but this is one task that is bound to create waves inside them.


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