Gauhar Khan & Elli Avram Dance for Salman Khan [VIDEO]

Yesterday, The weekend ka wow episode of Day 49 03 Nov 2013, Salman Khan himself entered in the Bigg Boss House, And he get entertained by the housemates. They all arranged for a small entertainment program-me for him which included a skit by Tanishaa, Sangram and Andy, Mimicry by Ajaz, Singing performance by Sofia and Armaan and a dance performance by Gauahar and Elli.

Gauhar and Elli performed special dance performance, that dance performance by Gauhar and Elli's was surely the best part of today's episode Clap ;)

Gauhar is looking too sexy was expected wink but yes Elli was a total Dhamaka on the 'Radha' song and along with Gauhar.

And as Salman Khan said "Gauhar and Elli OUTSTANDING performance" and the performance has sneaking picks in colors tv.

Elli's is extremely graceful and outstanding looks. Salman's eye only on Elli throughout. His mouth and eyes were wide open. The cameras were always switching between sallu's face and elli's.

I think Bollywood has got a new Heroine with all the good qualities in Elli.

Don't worry if you missed the fantastic episode, gives you the moments of the day, Watch here...


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