Elli Fail to Lead the House: Kamya took the Charge!

Day starts with Khuni Monday song and gets a new task assigned for the week where they are supposed to protect their house from attacks.

The outside garden area turns in to border and supposed to protect thru outside attacks. All housemates have to cook, ear and sleep at garden area, only use washroom inside in the house.

Being a captain, Elli is a general of the army and expected to organize the defense and attack those targeting them.

But Elli fails unhappily in the test. In one of the attacks, she hides behind a commando instead of leading the charge.

At next Bigg Boss took all the charge from the post and asks the housemates to vote for a new leader. And Kamya chosen for the post; In the form of task housemates attempt three attacks also must protect general from getting hurt.

They win the first battle won by inmates but enemy become known winner in the second attack. Water balloons are thrown towards Bigg Boss area, injuring Aijaz and Kamya.

And the next take Kamya got kidnapped! And housemates are not interested to release from Bigg Boss. Kamya and Armaan are definitely not enjoying each other's wonderful company right here. Will Kamya showcase her mettle and be a good leader? Catch the drama and fun here…

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