Elli Avram receiving highest Votes owing to Salman Khan

Elli Avram receiving highest Votes owing to Salman Khan
Elli Avram, a virtual unknown, amidst ‘celebrities’ in the Bigg Boss house, is receiving a huge number of votes. The foreign import, and lead heroine of Mickey Virus is getting love from Salman Khan fans.

Last Weekend Ka Wow, he told Sunny Deol, who had come on the sets to promote his film, that Elli was a carbon copy of Katrina in her initial Bollywood days.

Now, whether Salman casts Elli for his next movie, considering his fondness for launching new girls, remains to be seen, but in the meantime Elli is in a win-win situation.

Last week, when Salman asked the eliminated Pratyusha to name the shrewdest person in the house, Pratyusha came the reply, “Elli” and then she coyly added, “Sorry.”
Salman smiles and ask back why sorry!

A source says that Elli has been getting maximum votes to continue in the house. “Salman’s fans have been voting for her as they think bhai likes her.”

Says another source,“She has been getting votes from day one, irrespective of the Salman connection.”

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