Elli Avram Journey End in Bigg Boss, Truly Divine Exit!

Day 69 start has Salman has given a moral support to Andy and make him safe, and after Tanishaa is also safe and at last the twin girls Sofia vs Elli?

Yes Elli was out from the house, The chirpy girly Elli said a goodbye to the Bigg Boss house. She was one of those housemates who kept up the energy in the house with her behavior and happy go lucky nature.

Elli’s journey in Bigg Boss 7 has been a sweet experience, not just for her, but also for the viewers.

Elli Avram, the “angel” as we would want to call her, never got involved into any ugly spats with other housemates.

On a happy note: it’s rather pleasant news that Elli Avram has been evicted, because the way things are going on in Bigg Boss 7, it always becomes difficult for a person like her to stay.

The image that Elli leaves us with is that of a ‘non political’ person. And now, with about a month remaining for the Grand Finale, even close friends are expected to turn foes.

Finally it was time for the eviction and surprised, Salman called Elli out. The waterworks started immediately as Sofia started crying about wanting to go, and Andy, Sangram and Tanishaa started crying about Elli's exit, marking the end of Elli's journey.

All said and done, she would always be remembered as “Elli – The Angel” in Bigg Boss 7, as per the theme of this season.

The person who will probably miss Elli the most is Salman Khan. Salman Khan did lot of ‘Masti’ with Elli. Healthy flirting, pulling her leg, singing for her, blushing when she sang for him, and more.

What do you think about Elli and her stay in the house? Let us know in the comment box below

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