Don't Like, Don't Watch Bigg Boss 7: Salman Khan @Twitter

Salman Khan's Twitter Face
Bigg Boss 7 has now a war zone between two camps but there also appears to be a war brewing between host Salman Khan and contestant Gauhar Khan.

The weekend's episode has Salman bashes contestants but most prominent among them was Gauhar Khan. Salman's equation with the actress has gone for a toss ever since the Kushal-Tanisha-Andy episode and got worse with Kushal's exit.
But these 'Gauhar bashes' episodes have given our Salman 'Dabangg' Khan new tags of being 'unfair', 'partial' and showing 'favoritism'.

He has been bombarded with angry tweets, comments and media reports for being too harsh on Gauhar Khan and covering up Tanisha Mukherjee's misdemeanors.

Though fans are upset with Salman Khan and ‘Unfair Salman’ has been trending, it has no effect on the superstar.
He dismisses all the reservations expressed by his fans and wants people to stop watching Bigg Boss.

The actor took to Twitter to vent his frustration and asked fans to stop seeing the scandalous reality show.

He tweeted this

Don't watch if you don't like

Can Salman afford to offend his fans for his friends?


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