Day 72 in Bigg Boss 7: 'hukumat' vs 'virodhi' 'Kabhi Haan, Kabhi Naa'

Day 72, In the episode, Bigg Boss decided to announced luxury budget task 'Kabhi Haan, Kabhi Naa' wherein, the contestants have the power to decide the daily tasks.

In the task, 'Bigg Boss' have been divided into two teams – the 'Hukumat' team comprising of Ajaz, Andy, Sangram, Sofia and Tanishaa, and the Virodhi team comprising of Armaan, Gauahar, Kamya and Kushal.

'Hukumat' team has delegate 'Virodhi' team various tasks whole thru the day, to which if the 'Virodhi' team refuses, then the 'Hukumat' team will earn a point.

Armaan Kohli gets the first 'Virodhi' team to be asked to perform a task, he has to asked to hand-stand in the sun for half an hour. While Virodhi team refuses to do it claiming that the task is impossible to achieve.

Hukumat team then agrees to reduce the time limit to 12 minutes. Armaan Kohli tries his best, however he fails to complete the task.

The next task is given to Kamya Punjabi, who is asked to eat five karelas in 15 minutes, wearing a monkey suit. She promptly agrees, however, after eating 2 karelas, she is unable to eat any more and fails at completing the task.

Next Kushal and Armaan are asked to balance themselves in the push-up position for 10 minutes. Armaan Kohli gives up after 2 minutes, owing to pain in his hands.


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