Day 66 in 'Bigg Boss' Lucky Day for VJ Andy

The Wishing wall has always brought an element of happiness and surprise for the Bigg Boss contestants.

After weeks of making wishes to the wall, it is finally Andy’s turn to see his wish come true thanks to Bigg Boss. Like every week, when Bigg Boss asks the contestants to make a wish at the wishing wall, Andy asks for not one but three things: a phone call to his brother, 20 burgers and Gauahar’s white mug that was given away as a part of their luxury budget task.

After everybody makes a wish, Bigg Boss calls the contestants to the living area and announces that the lucky one whose wish will be fulfilled is Andy. However, given that Andy has made three different wishes, Bigg Boss asks the other housemates to decide which one should be granted.

Within the blink of an eye, a decision is made and the contestants inform Bigg Boss that they want Andy to speak to his brother. But according to the rules of the wishing wall, the contestants will need to sacrifice something to ensure that Andy’s wish is fulfilled.

So, Bigg Boss asks the housemates to place all the plates in the storeroom following which Andy’s wish will be granted.

Later, while the housemates are eating dinner, Andy is overjoyed to hear his brother’s voice.

Though Andy’s wish of becoming the Captain of the House might still have not come true, but after getting his wish fulfilled through the wishing wall, he is definitely on Cloud 9.


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