Day 48: Gauhar Khan fight with Salman Khan? For Kushal on “Weekend Ka WOW”

The lofty drama ended on Wednesday night, Gauhar Khan entered the house, Kushal was out of the reality show after he breed violence and charged at contestant Andy.

Bigg Boss already announced that Kushal's behavior was a violation of the rules of the house.

While some report suggests that Gauhar has returned only on one condition - Kushal will be taken back into the show within two days, the buzz is that Salman Khan has strongly opposed Kushal's return.

What you have to say! Will Kushal return to the show? Well, here's a guess - without Kushal and Gauhar, Bigg Boss 7 loses half of its masala. So it will suit best to the interests of the producers that they are taken back into the show, irrespective of the conditions and drama involved!

We have just seen on Live feed that Gauhar stood up and started yelling to Salman Khan and clapping sarcastically. But doesn't mean its a 'huge' fight, it could be she just claps sarcastically because of what he has said. Lets wait and see if they actually show it to us in the episode.

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