Bigg Boss Love Season Back Again! Overjoyed Gauhar, Here’s Why

Blended emotions predominate around the housemates after Kushal re- enters the Bigg Boss House. This is significantly all the more so since his entry is so near the season's finale however hough the rivalry is at its crest, Kamya and Gauahar are feeling ecstatic and solid after his comeback.

At midnight, Andy tells Kamya that he loves the new Kushal however Tanishaa differs and lets him know to not be judgmental and hold up and watch.

The morning begins with an amusing episode where Ajaz is seen stowing away with the arrangement range and attempting to get some rest in a corner however Kamya gets hold of him and lets him know to get up and take after the standards.

Unanticipated morning Andy tells Gauhar that he's absent the dazzling bond between them and he misses those clever minutes and chuckling that they used to have. In the meantime, after the re-enter Kushal is much more certain and says that he has an incredible fan accompanying and he will stay till the closure. Then again, Tanishaa tells Andy that she's absent family and needs to converse with them wildly.

Later in the show, Bigg Boss gives a letter to Tanishaa and lets her know to read it out to the housemates.

Bigg Boss lets her know to uncover the two names. Anyhow Bigg Boss thinks of a turn that the person who wins in the voting will be the following chief and the person who loses will be the servant of the house.

Later, Ajaz admits to Kamya that he's enamored with Gauahar and is feeling miserable about Kushal's Entry. You can watch the full episode of Day 68 22 November 2013 here...


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