Bigg Boss Denied Ajay Devgn & Salman Khan's Request as 'No Elimination Week'

Who has seen the 'Weekend Ka Wow' Bigg Boss announce in precap that there has a no elimination in this week. Apparently, Ajay Devgn has requested Salman Khan to get Tanisha Mukherjee evicted.

Do you think is the timing bad or is Bigg Boss trying to retain Tanisha Mukherjee in the house?

Ajay Devgan opposed Tanisha being a part of a show like Bigg Boss while Tanisha who even not consider all their advices and entered the house full of cameras.
This was not enough, Tanisha has fall in love for Armaan Kohli, Looks like Tanisha's family has had enough of this and made Ajay Devgn request his good friend Salman Khan to try something and get her out of the house.

But no-one request can be possible with Bigg Boss, as Salman Khan recently had made is clear to Kushal Tandon and everybody else that he has nothing to do with Bigg Boss' decisions.

As these two stars has big name and would this be one of the reasons why  Bigg Boss has decided to make this a no elimination week? This way, they get two more weeks of Armaan and Tanisha and a good enough excuse to keep Tanisha from getting evicted.

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