Bigg Boss Awards Night: Armaan, Andy, Sangram, Ajaz, Elli and Pratyutsha

Bigg Boss calls for an awards night to compliment all the housemates for their unique qualities. The inmates need to fill a questionnaire consisting of various awards categories and secretly cast their votes.

Karma begins the show by publicizing the nominations and the winners.

Amman emerges as they commonly voted Sabse Garam Sadasya (the angriest inmate). He has also bagged the award for Gaddar Sadasya (traitor).

Andy gets the award for Sabse Batuni Sadasya (the most talkative inmate) and Douglas Sadasya (two-faced inmate).

Sangram gets the Sabka Dost Award (everybody’s friend), while Sofia has named the Rotlu Award (crybaby)

Interestingly, Gauhar is the Chidchida Sadasya Award at (most irritated inmate) and Ajaz is the the majority Bevakoof Sadasya (dumbest inmate).

Elli and Pratyusha shared the award for most Nikamma Sadasya (useless inmates)WATCH FULL EPISODE HERE


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