Armaan v/s Ajaz FIGHT! Who’s your Favorite?

Very quick involved with housemates Ajaz who strongly fight back on Armaan! Very famous line “Bachhoko Darana” “Chal Bai” “Jaa Bai” Sounds like someone who has same strength which Armaan have! When they both fight all house get scared!

Last time when as per Bigg Boss task Ajaz has to do all the duties however he refused to perform duties including picking up dirty clothes after the contestants and putting their footwear back in place. Armaan, being the captain of the house, quietly explained to Ajaz that he was required to follow the rules and perform all the assigned duties without complaining or cribbing. However,
Ajaz considered Armaan's advice as intrusion.

Armaan continued to attempt to explain his point of view to Ajaz, who refused to bear any further interference and snapped back at Armaan.

When Rajneeti Task was happening that time again Ajaz gearing up to fight with Armaan!

Recently on weekend ka wow with Salman when candy was evicted but candy not received by from them because they both are fighting and even Ajaz again geared up with his new lines or tag for Armaan that he has flopped before 10 years ago and I am newbie! Such like “TU TO DUS SAAL PEHLE FLOOP HU CHAKA HAI” “ME TO ABHI ABHI AAYA HUOO”

Do you think Ajaz has to stay in the house for the strong fight back against Armaan?


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