Armaan cries in the luxury budget task. Find Out why...

This week’s luxury budget task - ‘Kabhi Haan, Kabhi Naa’ where he placed the power to decide daily tasks power of the contestants.

The task has two teams, Hukumat team which include Ajaz, Andy, Sangram, Sofia and Tanisha, and Virodhi team which include Armaan, Gauahar, Kamya and Kushal.

1st from the ‘Virodhi’ team to be asked to perform a task is Armaan. He is asked to hand-stand in the sun for half an hour. Armaan agrees to participate but fails to complete it.

2nd Kushal drinks out of Heaven's bowl, Kushal agress to participate and he did it! And he claim that he will take a big revenge for it!

3rd task is given to Kamya, In that she has to eat 5 karelas in 15 minutes, wearing a monkey suit, Kamya agreed to complete but she fail to complete it.

And here why Armaan cries in the luxury budget task?

4th Kushal and Armaan were asked to balance in the push-up position for 10 minutes. Kushal was doing well but after balancing for about 2 mins Armaan gives up owing to pain in his hands.

In between the task, both the teams were seen arguing with each other over the possibility of completing the tasks being assigned to them.

Day 72 has Hukumat team done to given the task now its turn to Virodhi Team. Its surely biggest entertaining, Don't miss tonight or watch on


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