Apurva Agnihoti and Shilpa are ready to become parents

As apurava is missing his family he is enjoying now the fully comfort in his home after coming out of Bigg Boss 7.

He is only one who stay in Bigg Boss house with his cool attitude and he very well knows his priorities are in life. He and Shilpa married for a few years back and Apurva says very frankly: "God willing, as soon as possible. I'm sure Shilpa and I will have a baby by next year and I will send you the pictures too. We need the child to complete our special circle of joy! And we are ready to become parents!"

Its bad time passed, we were at a wrong place at wrong time, Does he regret the fact that he didn't get the chance in the reality
show to clear his so-called "rave party' episode, where he was accused of having drugs along with his wife? "I have no regrets, really! As far as I'm concerned, that chapter is over!

Apurva said: Shilpa and I had no intention to ever bring up that ugly episode inside the celebrity house because police has already given us a clean chit! And it's over as far as we are concerned,"

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