Watch Bigg Boss 7 (Day 31) 16 Oct 2013 Cat Fight | Kathghara Task | Spoiler Alert Episode (HD Video)

Yesterday Episode (Day 30) Jahannumwasis won ’Shaitan and Farishte’ task, To give the housemates a chance to clear the air, Bigg Boss gave the housemates a task called Kathghara where the housemates from Jannat and Jahannum had to put allegations on each other and provide a justification.

Tanishaa came forward and accused  Gauahar of being unfair during the task. Gauahar lashed out at

Tanishaa justifying her point and said that she is not being unfair.

Well, this should be interesting. All the housemates will now live together, and the groups that have been made in the house seem under danger. Watch below today’s Episode, What do you think will happen when Jannat and Jahannum will merge? Don’t miss this exciting episode which will change everything in Bigg Boss!


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