Watch Bigg Boss 7 (Day 26) Inamorato Episode [Video]

Watch 11 October 2013 - Bigg Boss 7 (Day 26) Online, In the episode, Bigg Boss makes an briefing for the new captain to be named mid the heaven-mates. Hell-mates were grilled to give their votes in an open forum while the heaven-mates were not grant to vote.  With everyone voting for Gauhar, she was declared as a clear winner and a sigh of pique could be seen on Tanisha and Prayusha's faces.

Later in the evening, Bigg Boss briefing a weekly task in which Jahannum and Jannatwasis had to boast their dancing skills.

The day came to an end with Armaan getting hurt with Tanisha for making fun of him over his age in front of everybody.  He tells her that she needs to draw a line somewhere and not get persuaded by others... Watch the Bigg Boss 7 Day 26 full episode video for how above things happens...

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