Unknown Dancers Sneak VJ Andy out of the house

Andy has done marvellous job to erritate to other housemates and by the discussing the nominations he was chosen to be eliminated this week. Andy, although livid for being made the bali ka bakra was to exit anytime when the call comes.  

The surprising for housemates is that 'Ignore The Obvious' task came to an end around 30 to 40 dancers dressed in colourful costumes enter the house and start dancing in the garden area to Bollywood music.

Andy to effortlessly grab the attention in show with his lively dance moves.

When the are completely lost in dancing, a few dancers enfold Andy near the door and sneak him out.

When all the dancers are outing from garden area but only tanisha and elli notice that andy is missing, elli ia little sad and shed to tears.

But bigg boss  make unaware of the fact that Andy has entered the caravan next door and that he will be keeping a close eye on them. There couldn't have been a happier day for Andy who so far has only cursed his bad luck in the

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