Tanishaa, Armaan, Shilpa & Kamya Nominated (Maha Monday)

Bigg Boss 7 (Day 29) Maha Monday - Nomination day... The Bigg Boss house has previously seen various contestants breakdown but during Ratan’s eviction from the house, Kamya was seen crying since she saw the door open and wanted to go back and meet her daughter.

Nomination begun at Confession room, Following are the voted details...

Armaan Kohli Shilpa Andy
Elli Avram  Andy Kushal
Pratuyasha Shilpa Apoorva
Asif Azim Shilpa Kushal
Kamya Sangram Kushal
Kushal Tanisha Pratuysha
Shilpa Tanisha Armaan
Sangram Tanishaa Pratuysha
Apoorva Tanishaa Armaan
Andy Tanishaa Armaan

But Bigg Boss asked house captain Gauhar Khan can decide one name to be any of nominated contestant to be un-nominated but instead of the name she gave one name to put in nomination.
Gauhar make Kushal to Safe and Kamya to put in nomination.

So, Finally Tanisha Mukherjee, Armaan Kohli, Shilpa Sakhlani and Kamya Punjabi are in the nomination list!

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