Tanisha cheers up Armaan by Patting, Irritating & Flirting

Romance is blinking in the ill-famed ‘Bigg Boss’ house this season, with love anthesis across the border, quite literally.

The day 26 start with, Armaan is foiled with Asif as he thinks he is trying to play games against him and is seen making fun of him in front of Tanisha.
Arman getting upset with Tanisha for making fun of him over his age in front of everybody. He tells her that she needs to draw a line somewhere and not get influenced by others.
Tanisha observes that Armaan is down in the mouth and is trying her best to cheer him up by patting, irritating and flirting with him. However, he pushes her away saying that he wants to be alone for a while.

Remember, When Armaan was punished for a infringement, Tanisha, much like a loving girlfriend, stayed up with him all night, while he laic locked up in a cage (YES, A CAGE!). She’s perpetually stood by his side, in duncish and slight, and last night’s episode saw her dream up a clever cabal to bring him over to Heaven.

And who can forget the sizzling, sexual chemistry between Veena Malik and Ashmit Patel a couple of seasons ago?

All in all, it sure looks like Bigg Boss’ housemates, time and again, keep getting infected by this wonderfully crazy and infectious disease called LOVE!


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