TA-TA Elli! - Mickey Virus reason for Elli Avram eviction!

Update (10:00PM): Sorry Elli has not been evicted this week, Asif Azim was out of the house tonight.

We apologize for the wrong sourced information.

This week is full of surprises like mid week elimination, new entries and get to know the future such are keeping viewers get engaged. Thus far the new surprise will put fire in the house, tonight (Day 41) the nomination day & weekend ka wow with Salman Khan.

Yesterday, Cool, crisp and quirky movie “Micky Virus” has been released on Friday after a special screening the day before. It was reported that Bigg Boss 7 host Salman Khan would allow her to attend the premiere of the film but that did not happen.

The famed anchor  Manish Paul makes debut in "Mickey Virus" flanking Elli, said in an interview that he missed Elli Avram during the film promotions. But happy'coz she is in Bigg Boss 7 right now and doing really well.

Elli misses the premiere of her debut film, but she had a hard time in the Bigg Boss 7 house of late. She was hit on her forehead by Armaan while by mistake. She was earlier seen crying after Armaan teased her by calling her “Chammak Challo”.

And May be tonight evicted Elli Avram will be the one to say goodbye to the Bigg Boss house. Due to the mid week elimination, few changes are expected to take place in the house and accordingly there are high chances of Elli's elimination. Another reason for her eviction might be her parents, who have come down to India for the ?Premiere of her Bollywood first appearance “Mickey Virus”.

Recently the biggest celebrities have given opinion for this “Micky Virus”, Have a look…

The star is recommended “Micky Virus” surely touch the sky also the trailer is also gives you a giggle, Have a look…

The fans must get sued for Bigg Boss contestants “Elli Avram” who gone missing her in the next episodes but it would be a big surprise for her parents who already reached the town to the country for the premiere of Mickey Virus.


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