Shilpa Saklani solid anger to Apoorva Agnihotri on 'Bigg Boss 7'

Shilpa Saklani crying and Gauhar Khan
Shilpa in feral anger on Day 17 episode of 'Bigg Boss 7' just because husband Apoorva Agnihotri cut his hair.

As we all know, Apoorva Agnihotri and Shilpa Agnihotri are to be always happy couple, but as you also aware about Bigg Boss seasons, here the happy looks have to be maintain is tough! Picking for a radical hairstyle on “Bigg Boss 7” Apoorva took the decision to cut his hair as asked by Bigg Boss. And Shilpa seemed to be rather upset about his decision to sit for it.

Shilpa almost suffered from an emotional breakdown, and expressing her anger at her husband and the rest of the inmates.

Apoorva Agnihotri cutting hair in Bigg Boss 7
As part of a task, Apoorva and Sangram Singh’s names were called out to sit for a Mohawk haircut. While Apoorva seemed to be quite okay with it, his wife was not cool. She started loud at the others and even tried to change his mind. She broke down and even tried to break a mirror with her head.”

The situation apparently turned for the worse when the actress apparently locked herself up and tried to inflict injuries to self. The rest of the housemates had to rush to her defense and had a tough time calming her down.

Whether the day’s drama would be entirely telecast of the show is not sure but it seems someone definitely needs some lessons in anger management.

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