Shaitan aur Farishte: Devils Take Over the Bigg Boss House (Day 30)

The fickle curl in the game have always left the Bigg Boss housemates stunned. One month has passed and the housemates are slowly understanding that mind games are taking over politics inside the house.  In the morning, Shilpa is telling Andy not to keep mum if anybody points a finger at him. She urges him to learn from the past experiences and stand up for himself.

The war in the Bigg Boss house when the devils will take over the house and will destroy the peace of the heavenly.

This new luxury budget task has the hell mates being the devils they have to make life fed-up for the heaven mates who are the angels.

Shilpa will have an immense fight with Armaan as during the task Armaan pushed Apoorava near the pool. Shilpa couldn’t stand her dear husband getting pushed by Armaan and she will give it back to Armaan.

The angels will be angry to the edges by the devils. Like this one where you can see Andy putting shampoo on Asif after Apurva put some water on his head.

While the task was on Gauahar started feeling not a hundred percent. Kushal was beside her to make her feel good.

Tanisha and Elli have a difficult time facing the fury of the devils. This and there will be lot more in today's episode of Bigg Boss Saath-7.


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