Salman Khan Ganged Up All BB7 Friends, Game Intersting Now!

Bigg Boss 7's weekly swap – Day 27, In the episode of Tabadla, Salman with Weekend ka wow has brought the war out in the open between Hell vs Heaven, in that now all are good friends.

Salman continued his mix and match of retro and new hits as he danced to a medley 'Hum The Wo The' and 'Character Dheela'. What a combination! Watch here

Salman's first points were Gauhar and Kushal, who he truly, madly deeply teased about their friendship. While Kushal couldn't stop reddening, Gauahar managed to keep her mild under Salman's watch.

Salman looked at Elli through bars as he was not used to seeing her in Jannat, which was very funny. He also asked her the recipe of Aloo Parathas now that she was cooking, and admitted to loving aloo parathas! Ahem Ahem...

Finally, Salman came to the apt of Armaan and Andy's big fight. Andy cop a plea to Armaan's father but banned to apologize to Armaan, after which Armaan bother Andy by saying that he didn't figure in his life.

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