Ratan Rajput eliminated due to Lack of Votes & TRPs!

Must be excited for the episode of Weekend ka wow with Salman Khan, But This is the Bigg Boss 7 fourth week elimination episode, In which you will see Ratan Rajput's escaping of the house. It has been reported that Ratan Rajput's journey in Bigg Boss will finally come to an finish today.

Non performer appearance has to be evicted  from public and Bigg Boss Both! Last week we saw Anitha Advani getting egest from Bigg Boss 7 house. So far many have been evicted from the Bigg Boss house such as Hazel Keech and Ratan Rawail who were eliminated, as they were not seen performing well and audience didn't like them much in the house.

It has to be noted that fourth week's nominations for evacuation was different as Heaven-mates were told to nominate two names from the heaven side instead of Hell side. Ratan Rajput was in the danger zone along with VJ Andy and Pratyusha Banerjee.

Also, Asif Azim and Armaan Kohli from the hell side were nominated for elimination. The reason why the television actress is getting eliminated is, may be The small screen actress, known for her roles in Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya hi Kijo and currently, Mahabharat, will most probably be asked by Salman to pack her bags in the coming episodes to get ready to leave. Is it because of lack of votes, or lack of TRPs, or something else?  She is not making any controversy or dramas in the house, except the one where she was seen in a tub full of cow dung for almost an hour and earned points for her team Hell.

What you have to say as to why is Ratan getting eliminated?


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