Pratyusha Gets A Shock Treatment, Do you think it was Crime?

Bigg Boss 7 Contestants Pratyusha Banerjee was given electric shocks as part of a task in Bigg Boss Day 17.

Yes, Pratyusha, who won hearts of millions of viewers as Anandi in Balika Vadhu was given electric shocks to treat her from a deadly virus that has gripped the hell mates.

The challenge for her was to count till 50 while being given the shocks. The brave girl managed to endure the torture till 35, but then gave up. Seeing her suffering, Andy, who had initially agreed to do the task, backed out.

After the show was telecast, Twitter erupted with people lambasting the decision to shock contestants. While some called it barbaric, others said it was a crime for which the channel should be sued.

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