More food, Less politics | Armaan Devil, Tanishaa Angel: Anita Advani

 Anita as she is out from Bigg Boss 7 House now said that Instead of politics, Bigg Boss 7 House has more food for the inmates.

Chat with Anita, Said: Let's see if I will go back with wild entry in the house or not!

In Bigg Boss 7 House, People were more friendly than what I had imagined. My stay in the house was very nice experience and I really enjoyed it even i did share a thing about my life with "Kaka" aka Rajesh Khanna.

Groupism, There is a lot of groups in the house, personally i feel that the one who has the ability to brainwash maximum number of will win the show.

Anita was shown how Armaan didn’t vote for her during the nominations. Armaan told Anita that he
did vote for her. Salman got Anita ‘aamne saamne’ with Armaan and other housemates. After getting to know what Armaan did for her it was quite obvious that he was the devil . She told Armaan that he ‘back stabbed’ her.

Armaan tried giving justification to Anita on how the two names unintentionally came out of his mouth. Anita didn’t buy his justification and taunted him ‘he is not a kid’ to do things unknowingly and without thinking.

Anita was asked to name the angel of the house. She gave the title to Tanisha who she liked the most in the house. Bigg Boss gave a big bomb to Anita which she can use to save a contestant from elimination. Anita saved her angel Tanisha. We were deciding to keep in touch after the show as well :Anita stated

Now the rest contestants are VJ Andy, Gauhar Khan, Kushal Tandon, Apoorva Agnihotri and his wife Shilpa, Tanisha, Armaan Kohli, Asif Azim, Sangram Singh, Elli Avram, Ratan Rajput, Kamya Punjabi and Pratyusha Banerjee.



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