Meet New BB7 contestants Candy Brar, Ajaz Khan, Sofia Hayat

Candy Brar, Ajaz Khan, Sofia Hayat - The New Contestants in The Bigg Boss 7 House

Recently Vivek Mishra gets out from the house and tonight Elli Avram may go out of the house and looks like Bigg boss is ready to make the space to fill it up with three new faces.

One of them is Kushal tendons ex-girlfriend, Candy Brar. There are two more participants are entering the house such as Model-actor Ajaz Khan and British Singer cum actor Sofia Hayat. They are entering tonight but it will telecast on next week. It’s update which you only get early from this Bigg Boss 7 Blog.

Do you remember, Vivek Mishra the yoga guru revealed that Kushal was violent and hit Candy, yet he was saying something like Kushal is a violent person. So what happened when the ex-lovebirds face to face. Candy brar is beauty with brains, she is perfect as an actress combination of acting skill with business attribute. So housemates were careful!!

Some of you may be aware Ajaz khan played as Nana Chauhan in movie “Allah ke Banday”.
In July 2012, Sofia Hayat was named the new "Curvy Icon" by Vogue Itali and she also hosted and judged a show for UTV Bindaas' reality TV show Superdude Season 2.

Well lets see once these three make an entry into ‘Bigg Boss 7′. “Apko to sirf drama Dekhna Hai

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