Jahannum destroyed! What will happen when Jannat and Jahannum will merge? (Day 32)

Spoiler Alert: Say bye bye to Hell!

The totally different concept of Jannat and Jahannum of Bigg Boss house, the division between heaven (Jannat) and hell (Jahannum) created reasonably a lot of drama in the house. But now that Bigg Boss has completed a month, the drama will be taking a score higher as Hell will be no longer exist!

From Day 32 Episode (Tomorrow) There will be no Jahannum in the Bigg Boss house and all the housemates will live together under the roof of Jannat. This super twist will be introduced in the middle of the night with the hell side of the house being destroyed by ninjas on a mission.

The hellmates are taken aback in the middle of the night when they see smoke covering the whole of Jahannum. As the jahannumwasis huddle together, a team of masked men will begin to destroy the house, even setting things on fire!

It is not an end! Now just one month completes As the Jannatwasis watch in horror, the hell-mates will be moved to a secret passage hidden in the ceiling. Well, they don’t know it yet, but the Jahannumwasis are coming to stay in Jannat! And to let you in on a little secret, there will also be a mystery masked intruder who will enter the house tonight!

This should be interesting. All the housemates will now live together, and the groups that have been made in the house seem under threat.

Don’t miss this exciting tomorrow’s (Day 32) episode which will change everything in Bigg Boss House!

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