Gauhar Khan - Third New Captain in Bigg Boss 7 House

Tonight, We are going to see the election of new captain in Bigg Boss house, But Bigg boss makes only jannatwasis are nominated for captain and only jahannumwasis are allowed for vote in an open forum while the heaven mates were not allowed to participate in the vote process.

Gauhar Khan and Kushal Tandon share sweet moments despite separation! Gauhar emerges as the clear winner and is declared as the captain. Shilpa and Gauhar chat about how Tanisha is trying to instigate people against her and Apurva and confesses that she is enjoying her stay in hell because of good company.

According to the task, two members from Jannat and Jahannum had to run towards a dance floor placed in the garden area every time a song would play. The hell mates decide to work on their dance steps and practice some crazy dance moves. Gauhar’s turns out to be the best performer on the show, she performs a belly dance.


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