REVEALED: Gauhar Khan beau was Deepika’ s ex-beau

Nihar Pandya with Gauhar Khan and Deepika Padukone

The fans must go on shocked, Because everyone knows “Bigg Boss 7” contestants Gauhar Khan and Kushal Tandon's romance, but has some mention information to contribute.

Gauhar Khan was in a relationship with Deepika Padukone's former boyfriend NIHAR PANDYA, but the relationship was not sustained, They had a breakup, sooner than she entered Bigg Boss.

The source said that she was in a serious relationship with Nihar and both were thinking of marriage. However, both of them cracks just before she had to enter the Bigg Boss home.

You must be interested to read the reason, yes their break-up was religious diversity. Both of them had differences on several issues related to their future, especially raising their children. While Nihar wanted to raise their children in the conventional Gujarati manner, she wanted them to follow her religion and be raised in a particular manner. This led to differences between them and they broke in pieces.

But as Gauhar clear all the statement if her name has been mentioned! She reveals that religion was not the reason for their breakup, But amazingly Nihar who claimed by Gauhar & Deepika’s ex said to maintain that he was never dating the actress.

We are also sharing some information for Deepika Padukone fans: We know from sources when Deepika first came to Mumbai from Bangalore, Nihar's family took good care of her. Reports also claim that the couple was in a living together relationship until they broke up. Nihar was absolutely heartbroken and shattered after Deepika left him.

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