Gauhar Khan couldn't steal money, Kamya played smart!

Bigg Boss announced the luxury budget task titled "Aamdani Athanni, Kharcha Rupaiya". Also, at the same time, Day 23 ended with Kushal and Gauhar coming close to each other in spite of the tiff the duo had in the afternoon.

While the jahannum-wasis are doing the task, Bigg Boss then calls in Gauahar and gives her a secret task of stealing money from Jannat-wasis locker and give it to Bigg Boss. He also asked her to take Asif’s help in the task.

On the other hand, the jannat-wasis doubt that the jahannum-wasis have minted 500 notes, further accusing
them that they aren’t giving it to the bank. They start arguing about the same with the jahannum-wasis and complain to Bigg Boss as well. This offends Tanishaa who says that the Jannat wasis have doubted their integrity and chides Shilpa Agnihotri for the same. Later, the jahannum-wasis give them the 500 notes and tell them that they were not lying.

Late in the night, Gauhar along with Asif manages to reach the heaven side and creeps to the huge safe that is holding all the money earned by the heaven side. But lo behold! The Jannat wasis have broken the rule; Gauhar succeeds in the trespass, but can’t bring anything back to the jahannum side as the money is missing from the safe! when Gauahar sneaked out for her secret task, she found out that the money wasn’t in the locker. Kamya were playing a smart move already took the money out from the locker and hid it by her bed side.

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