Gauahar Khan-Kushal Tandon Fight Andy & Leave Bigg Boss House

Bigg Boss 7 is morally becomes fight show, the recent fight between Andy and Kushal took big disaster in the Bigg Boss house, This fight pull towards Kushal Tandon to leave the house but as Kushal found love in the house Gauhar khan, She followed to leave the house with him.

This incident happened after the 'Ignore the obvious' task, In that, Andy was required to aggravate the inmates and grab their attention. Andy did the task with a lot of enthusiasm, and tried to make Gauhar and Elli react by being funny. He was playing the task and comment on Gauhar’s lingerie, much to her aggravation.

Once upon a time the task ended, there was an emotional sudden occurrence from Gauahar, Gauahar told Andy how she thought he was classless as he had displayed her lingerie during the task, and that he was no longer her brother. Andy didn't reply angrily, In a little while, an hopping mad Kushal approached Andy and almost grabbed his neck. However, he was stopped at the right time.

Later, Kushal was asked to leave the house by Bigg Boss along with Gauhar Khan, Everyone shocked by Gauhar Khan who volunteering to follow him. The other housemates tried to persuade her to

We also heard that She is being convincer to get back thru wild card entry.  While fans who expecting Diwali fireworks in the Bigg Boss house between Gauhar Khan and Kushal Tandon and his ex-girlfriend Candy Brar, will surely be saddened.

Whether it was planned by Kushal to avoid Candy, But Kushal's hasty exit, Both new contestants have to re-strategies as Candy has to do some quick thinking to grab eyeballs on and the other hand Ajaz Khan who had planned to woo Gauhar Khan, will also have to re-strategies! The situation is saying that Candy & Ajaz khan has to become love birds to grab the eyeballs of the show.
revoke the decision, but the two exited the house.


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