Elli, Tanisha, Andy Preach down Gauhar, Kushal

Elli gets sadden because she is serving a paratha without any oil. She goes and complains it to Kamya and Gauhar. Gauhar tells her not to enter the kitchen as it is against the rule of the task. Elli gets hurt and she goes and starts crying in front of Tanishaa. Tanishaa comes inside and lashes out at Gauhar for being rude.

Gauhar gets upset because Elli talks to her rudely. She goes and tells it to everyone. Kushal gets angry and tells everyone that Gauhar is not well and still she has been working for all of them and they should respect that.

Gauhar and Kushal talk about their relationship status. Gauhar tells him that we will have to think about what we want and where we stand. Andy tells Gauhar that Kushal is not her types and she will get someone better.


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