Elli Starts Crying B'coz Parathas Overcooked!

At the breakfast time, Elli starts crying over the Parathas being overcooked. She goes inside the house and complains about it to Gauahar who tells her to go out of the house as it's against the rule of the task.

Elli crying and tells Tanisha that Gauahar is over reacting and acting rude. Tanisha goes inside with Elli and orders Gauhar to put butter on it. Gauahar and Kamya find Tanisha's behavior tasteless and say that they are being treated as servants.

Tanisha also rebuke Gauhar for being partisan towards Pratyusha and not stopping her from chatting with the hell-mates when it's against the rule of the task.

In the evening, Tanisha tries to darning with Kamya and Pratyusha. She tells both of them that they are mix-up her and she genuinely cares for them. The day comes to an end with Elli apologizing to Kamya about the food mess that took place in the morning.


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