Day 27 - Andy brainwash Asif, Gohar's Belly Dance

Bigg Boss 7 house are having many smart contestant who play politics. Asif Azim is also one of them. Being the newest member in the house they all targets. Asif crossed Arman, Kamya , Tnisha and Prtyusha has the edge.

After the battle of Arman , Asif had become silent and are concentrated in itself . Most of the time alone began to bite . Shilpa saw made ​​him heart . Andy decided to interfere and Asif gave their advice . Andy said he does not become a puppet and take his stand . Andy had already stepped in to Asif side .

Bigg Boss announces the weekly task in the evening . Jannatwasis will show their dancing and Sklis the hell . According to the task, two members of both the song is played Gardens area always ready to go on the dance floor to dance . Jahannum Wasis try to refine your dance steps while Gauhar doing belly dance through that. Arman getting upset with Tanisha for making fun of him over his age in front of everybody. He tells her that she needs to draw a line somewhere and not get influenced by others.


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