Candy Brar was beaten by Kushal Tandon, Face-to-Face in Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss 7: Yesterday Weekend Ka Wow episode Salman khan introduced three new contestants or you can say new faces who all set to enter the Bigg Boss house. One of them is Kushal Tandon’s ex-girlfriend, model Candy Brar.

The fad is yoga guru Vivek Mishra, revealed that Kushal was violent and used to even beating Candy. He was lined as saying, “Kushal is a violent person. Woh maarta peetta tha (he used to hit her).”

WOH! But Model Candy Brar is entering Bigg Boss tonight, saying that she will be more than happy if she finds that her ex-boyfriend Kushal Tandon has moved on with Gauhar Khan.
A Bigg Boss invitation to enter house came as a surprise to Candy. She is working and handling business and marketing of entertainment company Showman entertainment.

She quoted "I have just watched two episodes of the show. I have decided to just go with the flow,"
We believe Kushal Tandon and Gauahar Khan’s love story will have a new twist with Candy Brar’s entry and it is really interesting to see bust couple face-to-face, Isn’t it?

Candy brar coming with one more twist in the house [The Caravan – a motor vehicle with a living space], will have a caravan that will detach with the outside world. The caravan better living environment than Jahannum, with  a small open area for that will enable inmates to step outside. Aproxly 4-6 contestants will be cramped in the caravan. is really need your comments, Please put your review/suggestion/feedback or any words which you want to spread for your favorite Bigg Boss 7 contestants!

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