Bigg Boss7: Does Elli remind you of Katrina?

Bigg Boss 7 Host Salman Khan recently made a romantic statement saying to Elli Avram
“You remind of Katrina Kaif from 5 years ago.”

Salman said this to Elli Avram, “Where have you been until now?!”

In Addition, Salman said, “Elli…. Jab tum bahar aoogi, mein tumhe Hindi sikhaunga.” (When you will come out of Bigg Boss house, I’ll teach you Hindi).

Looks like Salman Khan seriously has a fetish to foreign ladies after all. He seems to be liking the Greek Swedish model on the show, which certainly has spiced up the things on Big Boss.

However as our audience would you like to see Salman and Elli being paired together on the big screen.

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