Bigg Boss Surprises on Occasion of Dussera

Bigg Boss 7: Day 29 - In the episode, Bigg Boss surprises housemates by sending sweets and food on occasion of Dussera. along with traditional Bengali sarees and kurtas for them to dress up in and perform the Puja.

Each & Every Bigg Boss 7 House Contestants from Jannat and Jahannum get together in the garden area and make arrangements for puja and aarti. They also perform traditional ‘Dhunuchi’ dance that is a part of Bengali tradition.

Pratyusha & Tanisha perform the puja and are seen talking about their memories of this festival. Tanisha got emotional as she was missing her dad and mentioned how wished that he would have be alive.

Tanishaa tells Pratyusha about how her father loved it when she dressed up in a saree and would always compliment her for that. He would have been so happy looking at her dressed up in a traditional Bengali attire. She also mentions that she was very close to her father and would always celebrate Durga puja with him.

As the day comes to an end, Armaan, Pratyusha and Tanisha are seen talking about their families and how much they are missing them on this day

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