Andy v/s All! Bigg Boss punished VJ Andy, Hypocrite Pratyusha!

This Day 43 Episode wasn’t planned for VJ Andy but seems to have fallen victim to the housemates' plans. Andy afresh made no secret of what he felt was a major letdown by his equal housemates.

The housemates break the principal rule of the 'Bigg Boss' house, by discussing the people to be nominated amongst themselves, that too in code language. They forgot there are 83 cameras are watching them and Bigg Boss the name itself BiggBOSS.

Plan of nominations went to ruin when Bigg Boss caught hold of all the inmates that were involved in this, announced that few contestants have broken the rules in the captain’s presence. Smart Bigg Boss direct asks to captain (Kushal) to give five contestants' names been responsible for sharing nomination talks. With the exception to name one contestant who was the most active participant in the discussion.

Everyone decided to name Apurva but afterward Andy and Pratyusha got into a fight. While Andy 
termed Pratyusha as thaali ka baigaan, calling her a hypocrite.

He added her she is too young to be on the show.

Kushal and the other housemates make a decision to name Andy and Bigg Boss announces that he will have to leave the house after the next announcement.

Andy does not take this well and gets extremely upset, claiming he has been made the 'bakra' once again.  Ultimately, Andy had to pack his bags and wait for Bigg Boss' announcement.

Watch out this space for more such dopes on Bigg Boss.


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