Bigg Boss Fight: Kushal-Viveik & Viveik shed tears

A month has been passed in the Bigg Boss house but fights are the one of the tasks within the housemates. Apurva declared as house captain he has to split the work and responsibilities amongst the house mates.

Apurva has given the work responsibilities for each one but Armaan is not happy with the decision as he is thinking he got chuck work all time. But this fight is not between Apurva & Armaan, Armaan is communicating with Tanisha and added he will not contribute to any household work till Apurva mist the process.

But the other hand, Viveik and Kushal get into a big fight when Viveik enlighten Kushal to be a little more careful while washing tackle and stop the drop from getting water stopped up. Kushal starts laughing when viveik is having this conversation while Pratyusha, Kamya and Andy laugh nervously & listening to him.

Viveik tip off Kushal not to make fun of him and to start taking things seriously. Shockingly Pratyusha is also not favoring Viveik in its lay she coils to Kushal’s deference and saying that they have been working and doing all this work even before you (Viveik) came into the house. Later on Viveik is crying and controlling the situation into his personal space.

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