Bigg Boss 7: Vivek Mishra - Smashing Entry & Swift Exit

Bigg Boss 7 midweek eviction, As the house is the mad, Bigg Boss is also made to give another shock for the housemates by bringing in a midweek eviction for the first time this season.

In the wake of using only a week in bb7, naked yoga mentor Viveik Mishra makes an early retreat from the Bigg Boss house. He went into the house needing to spread mindfulness about his one of a kind style of yoga. Assuming control from Sangram, he figured out how to direct a couple of unanticipated morning sessions of yoga with the different detainees of the house .

His war of expressions with Kushal when he discovered him taunting him about his yoga and his fight over family unit tasks were the high purposes of Viveik's stay in the House. He was seen blending with Kamya, Pratyusha and Tanisha. In his main week in the house, Viveik uncovered actualities about Armaan's close to home life also. As of late anyway, he was seen getting impacted by Tanisha and Armaan and was seen investing more often than not with them, distancing himself from the different hopefuls. In the company of this, Viveik additionally uncovered some dull insider facts about his past that left everyone startled.

Talking about his passageway, Viveik said, "I was truly amazed to hear that mid week evictions were occurring and that I was being evicted. I have had an incredible time inside the house and wish I could have stayed for more drawn out. I have reinforced truly well with Tanisha and trust that she wins the amusement - she is respect personified!

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