Bigg Boss 7: Tanisha Mukherjee and Armaan Kohli Bonding

Tanisha who thinks lineage brings on positivity not pressure! The actress comes from a superb family that sing your own praises of names like Nutan (aunt), Tanuja (mother), Ajay Devgn (brother-in-law), and last but not the least, Kajol (sister).

"I will not call it pressure but yes, there are constant expectations, but then it brings in a lot of positivity." Tanisha said preceding times…

At now Bigg Boss 7 reality shows: Contestant of the show to the whole country talking about Bollywood actors Armaan and Tanisha's closeness.

The understanding and bonding of this love birds are such as brawny during superior to difficult times. The fresh chat Armaan accidentally addressed Tanisha as Tanya.

Tanya was recently revealed by Vivek Mishra claiming about Armaan’s alleged relationship with! He also stated Armaan was engaged to Tanya but Armaan warned him to stay away of his relationship.

Well, we wonder Armaan all of a sudden called her as Tanya and soon realized his mistake. But Tanisha didn't seem to be unnatural by Armaan's gesture and chose to ignore him.

Sound like either Tanisha is playing well or being loved to Armaan but as per his fan following who are quite unhappy with her relation. As well as reportedly Ajay Devgn and Kajol are also against Tanisha’s decision.

Do you think Kajol & Ajay pissed with Sister Tanisha’s romantic behavior?


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