Bigg Boss 7: New 'Angry Young Man' in the House - Sangram Singh

Sangram and Andy's fellowship has made some amazing progress in the Bigg Boss house. They battle, they contend yet they are dependably seen paying special mind to one another. As of late, while doing the assignment, the typically smooth and made Sangram abruptly came to be very forceful and his conduct did not run down well with his pal Andy. A few days ago, Sangram had figured out how to get by inside the case for very nearly 12 hours disregarding a ton of uneasiness. The point when the tables turned, he needed to give the rest a comparable experience in the errand. In any case he went a little over the edge which was not acknowledged by anyone.

Andy tells Sangram that he didn't want this from him acknowledging he has dependably been touchy towards everyone in the house. He further lets him know that he ought not rehash this sometime to come. Sangram guarantees Andy that he grieves his movements and will consider his consultation important. Be that as it may, will he figure out how to satisfy his guarantee is the thing that stays to be seen

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