Bigg Boss 7 - Maha swap with Jahannum & Jannat wases

Day 18 - This ‘Maha tabadla’ "Maga Swap" will happen today.

Last night Pratushaa got shock treatment by Bigg Boss, Tonight Bigg Boss introduced another biggest surprise to the housemates. All Bigg Boss 7 Contestants except Shilpa and Elli has been swapped.

Why Shilpa & Elli are not because Shilpa has been kept in Jannat for performing well in the luxury budget task and Elli will stay in Jahannum because she refused to do the task.

Shilpa cried for Apoorva but not now, This Tabadla (Swaping) also get Shilpa and Apoorva Together. On the side Elli will be separated from her friend cum student Sangam who will now be in Jannat. This is good chance of Asif who she has already started bonding over long chats.

On Jannat side Shilpa, Apoorva, Ratan, Ptaryusha have become like one big group so must watch Day 18 Bigg Boss 7 Episode only at

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