Bigg Boss 7: Kamya's Fight with Armaan (Day 32) Episode

Armaan & Kamya Fight
Bigg Boss 7: Day 32, In the episode, Armaan's intimity with Tanisha and Pratyusha's new relation with her is not going down well with one of the other group mate, Kamya who seems to be feeling insecure of Tanisha.

Whether it was Tanisha's support for Elli or Armaan's affection for Tanisha, Kamya has been seen bad mouthing about the latter on various events. She was recently seen complaining to Shilpa about Armaan-Tanisha's loveness and Pratyusha joining them.

The crack between both of them seem have soar borad as Kamya is maintaining a distance from Tanisha and Armaan.

In tonight's episode Tanisha will manage to patch-up with Shilpa but Kamya who is not very fond of Tanisha will go ahead and tell Armaan that he should talk for himself regarding any issue and not route it through Tanisha as its being misinterpreted.

Well, post Tanisha-Shilpa's patch-up will the audiences'get to see Kamya solving her issues with Tanisha or this fight will take an ugly turn is something to wait and watch.


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